Established Artist and Musician in Sweden

My journey as an artist began before my earliest memories. I have always loved expressing myself. Bringing things from my mind into the real world has always fascinated me. Writing and singing were initially a way for me to understand myself, which they still are, even though they have become so much more today. Creating and sharing music has been my full-time profession for the past few years, and it has brought about certain changes in how I approach my own artistry.

Filip Killander 2023 - Artistbild

The Artist and the Music

Today, my music is a place where I go to explore sounds, technology, and other exciting things that I don’t feel comfortable experimenting with in my work environment. It is still a way for me to process things I’m going through, but along with that exploratory element, my sound has evolved in ways I didn’t anticipate.

Influenced by the hundreds of songs and projects I have worked on in recent years, my approach to writing, producing, and thinking about music creation has changed to be equally experimental explorative and commercially accessible.

The Songwriter and Producer

Currently, I am working on my second album, which does not have a deadline as I am currently prioritizing the music label I run, KMR Studios. But when time allows, I have finished demos for an entire album waiting to be released. In addition to my album project, I am always open to collaborations in the form of songwriting, topline, and other exciting projects.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a project that you would like to involve me in or if you just want to talk about music and bounce ideas!


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